DONE, City Attorney Throw Historic Cultural NC into Tail Spin

DONE WATCH – The Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council is officially subdivided.

The council had a vote in which the majority of those voting for the subdivision came from one building in Chinatown.

This was the case in 2016 when a current board member used his email address to register hundreds of voters. As it turned out, the City Clerk’s office investigated and found that those registered had no idea they were registered, so those voters were disqualified.

But, in this latest subdivision vote, it appears that there was no investigation, and the ballot box was stuffed.

Fast forward to today.

The HCNC is mandated to vote on new bylaws and there is a stalemate on the board. The reason? Those who are splitting off have their own agenda but are still voting, even though they will no longer be on that board. This is crazy.

In interviews, we are told that DONE rep Mike Fong has been in the middle of the entire process and that the City Attorney is approving the vote of those leaving.

Question: If the vote was certified, then why are the old board members still voting?

When I was administering NC elections in 2016, the department made it clear that when the vote was certified, the new people became the actual board members. So, if the subdivision vote has been certified, why do board members who are leaving get to determine boundaries and bylaws for the council they are no longer a part of?

The entire subdivision process is as well thought out as the 2016 online elections.

There must be a City Councilmember who has enough sense to step in. Or is there?

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