BYE, BYE Ms. Raquel Beltran?

It’s Official Folks!!!!!!!! Raquel Beltran is out!

Parting words to Elizabeth Chou at the Daily News, “I don’t know why the decision was made”.

That’s the trouble Raquel…

Let’s see if Mayor Karen Bass‘ office will take the recommendation made by over 50 NC Past and President’s to allow the NC’s to select the next GM and ensure that checks and balances are put in place to prevent corruption and sheer incompetence.

This is what can be accomplished when we work together! There is no party politics in NC’s, only process. A lesson the “big boys and girls” in the City Council should pay attention to.

Imagine what we could do with us all lined up.

Congratulations to all past and present NC Board Members who took up this fight to get her removed.


Ahhh could be…

Actions have consequences and eventually people rise up.

This is developing…

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