The Jenky Sub-Division Game: Ryu and Cedillo Hand Big Win to Neighborhood Councils

DONE WATCH-On Tuesday, August 14, Councilmembers David Ryu and Gil Cedillo introduced a motion that helped put the kybosh on the jenky sub-division process.

This was a huge win for NCs and communities throughout the City of Los Angeles.

With the aid of DONE Management rigging and gaming its own system for their pets, NCs have been ripped apart with reckless abandon. This motion gives validity to all the stories we have published here putting light on failed management and failed “policies.”

There is so much more to do, but this is a significant start.

At today’s HENC (Health, Education and Neighborhood Councils committee) meeting, members of the Funding Equity subcommittee formed by BONC put the final nail in the proverbial subdivision coffin with three motions for consideration — in spite of the failed efforts of City Attorney Elise Rudin who stated repeatedly this would never happen. This also despite Chair Brian Allen’s attempts to run out meeting times with endless drivel and refusing to put motions on the agenda. Ms. Rudin, it seems, was not paying proper attention when she discovered at the most recent meeting (one without quorum) that three motions were passed written specifically to allow the committee to present across all Councils and Committees. Can anyone say, jaw drop? Elise and Darren: do close your mouths…for once. You can listen to the meetings here.

While stakeholder definition remains the elephant in the room, claims by City Attorney troll Daren Martinez that the “community stakeholder” definition is somehow justified by the City Charter is complete nonsense. This was an addition that brought you the Starbucks Stakeholder and is NOT and never was a part of the City Charter. That means it does NOT require a vote from all of you.

The City Charter states:

(2) “…neighborhood council membership will be open to everyone who lives, works or owns property in the area…”(stakeholders)

While this is vague at best, it clearly restricts stakeholder to the above which means, the “community stakeholder” definition can end TODAY.

It is imperative that we keep the pressure on and that you continue to show our Councilmembers that you are serious about reform.

(Photos right: Councilmembers Ryu and Cedillo.)

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Be the change you wish to see in your neighborhoods!